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It's not just teenage Canadian pop stars and mercurial wide receivers that Tom Brady's(notes) beefing with. On one play in Sunday's overtime victory over the Baltimore Ravens, the New England Patriots quarterback managed to thow a temper tantrum toward the referee and jaw with linebacker Terrell Suggs(notes):

I can see why Brady's so upset about the lack of roughing the passer call. I mean, that wasn't roughing the passer, but since Brady always gets that call (and is responsible for that penalty being called so much of late), he must have been stunned at the lack of laundry on the field. It's like that one time LeBron got called for traveling.

While the smacking of the turf was something better fit for a kindergarten sandbox, Brady's exchange with Suggs was pretty impressive. He didn't do the normal quarterback move and back off as he jawed with a bigger, badder linebacker, he went up to his face and told him how it was.

Samson was right; there is power in long hair.  

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