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Tom Brady was intercepted by Nick Barnett on Sunday afternoon, then Barnett put together a nifty 33-yard return.

Fifteen of those yards were negated, though, by a call that can only be made if an official is looking directly at Tom Brady the entire time, thinking to himself, "None of you jerks better hit my Handsome Tom."

Unfortunately, someone (kind of) hit Handsome Tom.

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If contact that light draws someone a 15-yard penalty, then the league probably owes Gisele Bundchen about 13,343,925 penalty yards.

And please understand, I'm not one of those people who thinks it's okay to just destroy someone away from the play after a turnover. I'll always believe that what Warren Sapp did to Chad Clifton was unnecessary, malicious and inexcusable.

In this case, however, Tom Brady is near that play, and running to get closer to it. He could almost even be mistaken for a football player. Drayton Florence didn't blindside him and didn't cheap shot him ‒ that barely even qualifies as a hit. It's a gentle shove. It's closer to a hug than a block. If it happened any closer to February 14th, it would've been accompanied by a candy heart reading "BE MINE."

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