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Unless you're Steve Tasker, playing on special teams is never going to earn a player a great deal of notoriety, though they're going to earn more than their share of bumps and bruises.

And a bruise Todd Yoder did receive. This handsome shiner you see on the right, the one that covers almost the entirety of his leg, the Redskins' back-up tight end got while on special teams this past Sunday against Cleveland.

Yoder supplied a few disquieting pictures and words of description on teammate Chris Cooley's blog:

If you want to know what it feels like to get hit in the NFL check out the following pictures. Yes that is the back of my leg with the best bruise I have ever received on it. It starts under my right butt cheek and continues down to about my calf and is now a lovely shade of red to purple. I think in a couple of days it will start to change colors into a rainbow of blacks, blues, maybe some greens, yellows, and reds. It happened during special teams last week and hurts like hell.

It's a good thing Mike Ditka is only expousing the removal of face masks. I'd hate to see what kind of marks we'd see if we had the wholesale dismissal of pads as well.

Also, yeeesh.

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