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The exquisite old Houston Oilers uniforms, modeled above by the great Cody Carlson, could be making an appearance sometime next year. From

It's a question that many fans have asked over the course of the decade of Titans football in Nashville and on Tuesday night's Titans Radio Jeff Fisher Show, the Head Coach gave an answer.

''There's a chance you will see us in throwback uniforms next season,'' Fisher said. 

Oh hell yes. Along with Bucco Bruce and the Creamsicle Bucs throwbacks, the old Oilers digs are one of the NFL uniforms from my childhood that I truly miss. I would consider it a gift and a personal favor from the NFL if I could see these beautiful blue babies in primetime in HD.

Titans Radio's Jonathan Hutton suggests that the Titans break them out when playing against the Jets, who would also be wearing their throwbacks.

Though it hasn't been confirmed if or when they'll choose to unveil the jerseys, the franchise could opt to wear their former Oilers uniforms against the New York Jets at New Meadowlands Stadium. The 2009 schedule won't be released until next April, but Tennessee is guaranteed to play at New Meadowlands Stadium next season.

If Tennessee elected to wear the Oilers uniforms, the Jets could bring out their old New York Titans jerseys just as they have this season.

So, to summarize, we'd have the Titans vs. Jets, except the Titans would be dressed like the Oilers, and the Jets would be dressed like the Titans, except not those Titans. I fear that if this is the Sunday night game, John Madden will be confused to the point of aneurysm.

I'd rather not have the majesty of the glorious Luv Ya Blue uniforms canceled out by the ugly, dirty-looking Jets/Titans throwbacks, but if that's the way it has to be, that's the way it has to be.

What about you? Any old uniforms that you really miss, and would like to see make a brief comeback?

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