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The one complaint every scout has about Tim Tebow is his throwing motion -- that elongated, leisurely-paced, certain-to-manufacture-countless-interceptions throwing motion. Well, guess what? He's fixing it.

"I'm not changing who I am or how I approach football," said Tebow. "But there are things that I can get a lot better at -- my fundamentals. I've never been asked to shorten or quicken my release and not have a loop in it. The changes I'm making have gone very well and it's becoming more and more natural to me."

Well, that's great to hear. I hadn't pegged Tebow as the kind of guy too stubborn to change something that needed to be changed, but after the Senior Bowl came and went, and nothing changed, I started to wonder.

I give him credit. After all, Tebow accomplished quite a bit at the college level, and it would be easy for a guy to say, "Listen, the way I do it works. I'm not changing anything, because this has gotten results." Tebow has taken the criticism in stride, though, and now he's acting on it.

This does mean, though, that Tebow won't be throwing at the NFL combine later this week. But given his noted work ethic, I think you'll see something impressive when he unveils the new throwing motion at his Pro Day.

I still say there's no way Tebow gets out of the second round. As they say, it only takes one team to fall in love with him, and given his college production and the legendary character that's made Verne Lundquist blush so many times over the years, someone's going to fall in love with him. Whether it's Jacksonville, for attendance-related reasons, or some other team because they think they could use his unique Tebow-ness, it's going to happen.

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