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Monday was the first day of Senior Bowl practice, and the first up-close look at Tim Tebow for many scouts and coaches. After Day 1, Tebow's stock is not skyrocketing. Let's take a quick bounce around the web for various reviews of Tebow's performance.

First, Joseph Goodman of the Miami Herald.

Tebow fumbled snaps, missed receivers and at one point even tossed one wobbling, floating incompletion that appeared to slip out of his hands. The wounded pass landed in the vicinity of Tebow's entourage.

Next up, Bucky Brooks at

Tebow repeatedly dropped snaps, and had a tough time hitting open receivers. While it is apparent that he has been attempting to work on his unorthodox delivery, his elongated wind up and tendency to pat the ball before releasing, clearly impact his accuracy.

And finally, Todd McShay of Scouts, Inc.

He was out of rhythm, missing receivers low and high and fumbling snaps while also struggling to read defenses and use proper footwork when dropping from under center. He remained positive, though, continuing to accept coaching and showing the same leadership qualities that helped define his college career.

So it wasn't a great day, but I don't see any reason for alarm here. The fumbling of snaps isn't good, of course, but that's something he'll get worked out. A man with Tim Tebow's work ethic will not fumble snaps forever.

The poor mechanics and inaccurate passing are a concern, of course, but those were known issues, and if it shows at all that he's been working on them (and apparently, it did), his draft status isn't in jeopardy. As it stands now, he's got a throwing motion that takes as long as Tony Siragusa's 40 time, and he's still thought to be a second- or third-rounder.

And obviously, it's great to hear that the trademark Tebow leadership was still present, somehow, at practice for an All-Star game where there's literally nothing at stake except for individual players impressing scouts and coaches.

There's no way Tebow lasts out of the second round.

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