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Someday soon, we might have a day here on Shutdown Corner where we do not mention Tim Tebow(notes). It's not going to be today, though, because this has happened:

Tim Tebow is tattooed as a centaur on this gentleman’s body

I'm not sure what to say here. I like Tim Tebow, and I like tattoos. Hell, I'll even go so far as to say that I like centaurs (especially this onefeel the pain, Buck Quartermaine). But all of them together, next to "Tebow Time" in a font like you'd see on the cover of a children's book about an enchanted princess or maybe on a bottle of horse shampoo ... I'm not sure that's a good look.

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I also can't endorse getting a tattoo of a guy who's got a whole seven career starts. Not because it's Tebow, but because it's anybody. If tattoos were as popular years ago as they are today, you might see a lot of 45-year-old dudes walking around with an image of Rashaan Salaam inked into their bicep, or "SCOTT MITCHELL 4EVER" across their back.

Gracias, Larry Brown Sports via Black Sports Online.

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