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When it comes to making and selling rookie jerseys, the NFL's got a quick release. In that way, they're the direct opposite of Tim Tebow.

It's Tebow's jersey, though, that sits atop the list of top-selling NFL rookie jerseys. In fact, it's the fastest-selling rookie jersey of all-time, crushing the record set by Mark Sanchez last year.

"It’s a pretty substantial difference between him and the next guy," NFL spokeswoman Joanna Hunter said of Tebow’s jersey sales.

This wasn't tremendously difficult to predict. Tebow came to the NFL with a legion of fans built-in, and then Denver made a big splash by trading up to get him late in the first round.

It also all worked out pretty conveniently from a jersey standpoint: Brandon Marshall just left town, making Tebow's number 15 available, and the Broncos have a similar color scheme to that of Tebow's college home, the Florida Gators.

Second among rookies in jersey sales was Ndamukong Suh of the Detoit Lions, followed by the first-pick overall, Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams. Rounding out the top five were Eric Berry of the Kansas City Chiefs and the newest Dallas Cowboy, Dez Bryant.

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