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This is what a ‘sellout’ looks like on Christmas Eve in D.C.

Officially, the Washington Redskins sold out their 368th consecutive home game on Sunday, extending an NFL record. More officially, the NFL's sellout streaks are a bunch of nonsense.

FedEx Field has capacity for 82,000 fans. Announced attendance on Sunday was 68,370, with actual attendance far lower still. Look at that picture. It was taken midway through the first quarter on Sunday, yet the upper deck looks like it does in the fourth quarter of a blowout on a rainy day. If that's a "sellout" then Rex Grossman is Sonny Jurgensen.

The Redskins are hardly the first team to have a sellout in name only, mind you. Sunday in Landover was just another example that such streaks, like season-ticket waiting lists, are promotional rubbish.

Thanks to @GWallaceWTOP for the photo.

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