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This is the hero who witnessed Lorenzo Neal’s DUI

Former Bengals, Titans and Chargers fullback Lorenzo Neal was involved in the least eventful DUI arrest of all-time over the holiday weekend. It was a single-car accident, Neal was barely over the legal limit, did not go to jail, had no passengers, and no one was hurt, not even his truck.

But that didn't stop ABC 30 in Fresno from pulling together a 2-minute, 25-second story about it, and thank goodness it didn't, because witness Kevin Spring needs to be heard.

I wish this man could be at every crime scene in America providing an eye-witness account. With the budding Rollie Fingers mustache, the American flag bandana, the perm, and the short shorts there is no local news report he would not enhance tremendously.

He's like a real-life Terry from Reno 911. I'm thinking of including his picture with every Shutdown Corner post, just because.

Here's the original news report:

A video or other embedded content has been hidden. Click here to view it.

Many, many thanks to Busted Coverage.

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