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And they'd be happy to demonstrate this for you, as Chris Cooley holds his teammates' hands and walks them through a fantasy football draft (some naughty language in here).

As a fantasy commissioner myself, I know I wouldn't have gotten through that draft without ramming my head through a plate glass window. That said, I'd pay to have Fred Smoot in my fantasy league. Among the other highlights:

- LenDale White being drafted in the first round ahead of Marion Barber and Steven Jackson, and Chris Cooley's ensuing reaction.

- The unanimous booing of the selection of a Dallas Cowboy.

- The fascinating subplot of Jason Campbell drafting Chris Cooley for his fantasy team, which might have an actual on-field impact in the NFL (and might move Cooley up your draft boards).

- "I'll take Joseph Addai." "YOU DRAFTED HIM, TOO?"

- Fred Smoot on Matt Ryan: "He's nothin! He's a pair of shoes!"

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