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Maybe this was what Mike Shanahan was talking about when he cited his big belief in quarterbacks John Beck(notes) and Rex Grossman(notes). The Redskins' head coach has been pilloried around the nation for his seemingly cavalier dismissal of Donovan McNabb(notes) and subsequent endorsement of two quarterbacks who haven't done much of note in the league, but the first pictures of Grossman from Redskins camp brought a different side of the Florida alum.

Many different sides, in fact. From our friends at (H/T to this here Twitter account):

There’s more of Rex Grossman than ever before!

And just in case you think this was a case of the camera adding 10 pounds to our man Rex (which begs the question: How may cameras were trained on him?), there's the picture from Friday's E-version of the Washington Post:

There’s more of Rex Grossman than ever before!

Oh, dear. We knew that some players would come back from the lockout with a Golden Corral scholarship; after all, people are going to respond differently to over four months of unsupervised training. But we would expect this of a lineman (say, Bryant McKinnie(notes) of the Vikings, who was recently cut for being too near the 400-pound mark upon reporting for camp), not a quarterback. That Post picture shows that Rex now has the legs of a center, and not one of those taller, longer zone-blocking centers. He's strictly chocko-blocko now.

Either Shanahan isn't expecting mobility from his quarterbacks in 2011 (and he certainly should, given the state of his offensive line), or he's going to have a serious talk with his backup/starter at the game's most important position. Remember, this is the same coach who once benched McNabb in favor of Grossman because he was concerned about McNabb's cardiovascular endurance!

Unless … Shanny is expecting Rex to beef up and help that offensive line along? At this point, very little the Redskins do surprises us. We've heard crazier ideas.

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