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Memo to Jacksonville Jaguars groundskeepers: The arrows on football fields are supposed to point toward the closest end zone.

During Sunday's game between the Jaguars and New Orleans Saints, the north side of the field at EverBank Field had half the arrows pointing in the direction of the opposite end zone. The arrows on the top of this shot are correct. The ones on the bottom are a visual metaphor for how hard it's been for the Jags to score this season.

The yardage arrows are pointing the wrong way in Jacksonville

That's going to wreak havoc on this game's red zone stats.

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The Jags are averaging under 10 points per game this season and have scored only one touchdown in the past 11 quarters. Perhaps the incorrect arrows will confuse them into getting on the board.

On the bright side, at least the grounds crew spelled "Jaguars" correctly. Am I right, Kansas City Chefs?

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