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Shutdown Corner is proud to present the weekly quarterback power rankings. They're just as arbitrarily decided as normal power rankings, except they rank quarterbacks, not whole teams. Rankings are based on play this year alone and meant to represent who is playing the best football at the current moment. This is the inaugural edition.

1. Drew Brees(notes), New Orleans Saints. He finally appeared to be mortal this week against Buffalo, but I won't hold one average week against him. His first two are still so far off the charts that he can afford one clunker and keep the top spot. He still leads the league in passer rating, touchdown passes and almost bizarrely intense pregame rituals.

2. Peyton Manning(notes), Indianapolis Colts. Peyton is very close to yanking the top spot away from Brees. He just went head-to-head with Kurt Warner(notes), and beat him like a rented mule. His last two games are almost in the neighborhood of Brees's first two.

3. Eli Manning(notes), New York Giants. There are guys with more yards and more touchdowns, but Eli gets bonus points for the flawless game-winning drive he conducted against Dallas, as well as his overall steady play. He didn't light it up this week against Tampa Bay, but he didn't have to.

4. Joe Flacco(notes), Baltimore Ravens. Eli got the nod for the top three only because Flacco's two best games have come against pretty weak teams;  Kansas City and Cleveland. That's not something that I hold against him, but there's very little separation here, and something's got to make the difference.

5. Matt Schaub(notes), Houston Texans. His last two games can make a pretty good argument for him being even higher: seven touchdowns, one interception, 657 yards. If Houston can get the running game going, too, Katie, bar the door.

6. Philip Rivers(notes), San Diego Chargers. The touchdown-to-interception ratio isn't good enough, but Rivers leads the league in yards. He also might be the only reason the Chargers are winning games.

7. Aaron Rodgers(notes), Green Bay Packers. Rogers has no interceptions on the season, which is kind of amazing, considering the pressure he's been under. He's eaten twelve sacks and he continues play well. It's going to be a shame to watch a porous line submarine the Packers season.

8. Jay Cutler(notes), Chicago Bears. Since the opening week disaster, he's posted five touchdowns against one interception and has a completion percentage over 70%. Those are numbers that lead to teams making the playoffs.

9. Brett Favre(notes), Minnesota Vikings. Even putting aside The Greg Lewis Play for a minute, Favre deserves a healthy pat on the back for keeping the interceptions down. In his first two games, he rarely threw the ball longer than six yards, but that's a good thing, right? It sure beats what he did last year with the Jets.

10. Ben Roethlisberger(notes), Pittsburgh Steelers. Too many interceptions and not enough touchdowns, but his completion percentage is still high, his yard totals are good and I don't think anyone's ever been better at keeping a play alive. Also, Ben Roethlisberger does not pump fake. Ben Roethlisberger changes his mind.

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