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Something called the Gladiator helmet could be the next big trend in NFL headwear. When I originally saw the words "Gladiator helmet," I was hoping we'd see something like this, but painted in team colors. That's not the case, though. The Gladiator helmet is what you see to your right. 

Does it look goofy? That's up for interpretation, I guess, but I don't think fashion is much of a consideration when compared to the concussion-protection it promises to offer. 

I don't think it looks so bad, but that's just me, and even if I did think it looked stupid, I'd still prefer it to this look. Call me a sissy if you want to, but if I spent my Sundays plowing into linebackers, I'd tie a pink Hello Kitty scarf around my genitals and gently place a tiara on my head if I thought it would help keep me non-paralyzed.

You can read more about how it helps protect the noggin here, and get Uni Watch's take on it here. If there's any evidence whatsoever that this thing provides better protection from blows to the head, the NFL should make it mandatory. And if they didn't, and some player refused to wear it because they didn't like how it looked, then they should watch this video again and again until they change their mind. 

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