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Word on the street is that the UFL's Vegas franchise (they don't have a nickname/mascot yet; I'd like to suggest the Galifianakises) is close to agreeing on a contract with former Buffalo Bills quarterback J.P. Losman(notes).

I always wonder if that makes a guy like Losman happy or sad. Sad, I'd imagine, because he's no longer in the NFL, but happy because the UFL plays up the fact that he's a former first round pick, and no one in the NFL was ever going to think of him that way again.

Here's a snippet of the report from UFL Access, a UFL news site, which is kind of amazing in and of itself.

Now word has spread that J.P. Losman, formerly of the Buffalo Bills and the NFL 1st Round, is scheduled to sign with the Las Vegas team headed by Jim Fassel. The rumors began swirling this morning and tried to track down the facts. One well-placed source pointed out that roster spots have dried up on virtually every NFL depth chart at QB. The league declined comment with their spokesperson saying that “as of yet no ink has hit paper.”

Interesting. Five years into his career, and J.P. Losman can no longer find a spot on anybody's three-deep at quarterback. Maybe I'm wrong -- and believe me, I'm not telling you that J.P. Losman is a great quarterback -- but it seems to me that there are guys out there worse than J.P. Losman who have NFL jobs. I guess I can't name any of them off the top of my head, but Losman at least has some degree of youth to him. I'd think that added a little value.

The same article reports that Tim Rattay(notes) is on his way to the UFL, and that Ken Dorsey(notes) would love the opportunity. It also says of Michael Vick(notes), "rumors have spread that [he] and his agent have papers in hand that if signed would start the Vick redemption tour in Orlando."

Gracias, Pro Football Talk.

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