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Lists are one thing that can be counted on to consistently fire people up, and that's one thing we don't do enough of here on The Corner: make you angry. From time to time, Shutdown Corner will present a list of five NFL-related somethings. Today, the five best alternate jerseys in the NFL.

To be eligible for inclusion on this list, a team's alternate jerseys must be true alternate jerseys. This 2009-only AFL throwbacks do not count, nor do any other throwback jerseys that aren't worn on a twice-yearly basis.

1. The Lime Green of the Seattle Seahawks. I was a little surprised and a little confused at the universal hatred of Seattle's lime green duds yesterday. Yeah, they were a little bit of a fashion risk. But tell me, why can't we embrace the non-traditional color? It's brighter and bolder than we're used to seeing, yes. But the NFL doesn't have to be limited to the eight colors found in the cheapest pack of crayons, does it?

Why do we have to hate fluorescents? I assure you, there's no such  prejudice here in the Shutdown Five. Here, fortune favors the bold, and the green jerseys Seattle debuted yesterday were nothing if not bold.

2. The Powder Blues of the San Diego Chargers. Not to be confused with the actual Chargers throwback jerseys, these alternates exist on their own. They meld the powder blue of the '60s-era Chargers with the new number and name font of today.

Fonts don't make jerseys, though. Colors make jerseys, and the powder blues are prettier than most women.

3. The Battle Red of the Houston Texans. The Giants are another team that subs in red for blue on their alternate jerseys, but the difference for the Texans is that they compliment the look with red pants. See Kevin Walter(notes) below. The other cool thing that the Texans have done is to give the color its own cool name, "Battle Red." Matt Schaub approves.

The one small downside is that some fans believe that the Texans look like a certain feminine hygiene product when they're in head-to-toe red. This is not a view that I endorse.

4. The Orange of the Denver Broncos. As with most teams, Denver's alternate jerseys represent a simple swap of a team's primary and secondary color, but I believe that the Broncos look better in orange. Always have.

The Bears and Dolphins also go to orange with their alternate uniforms, but I'll give the Broncos the nod ahead of them, because it recalls a time when the Broncos had better jerseys than what they have now. This is a team that once had a defense nicknamed the Orange Crush. They weren't the Navy Blue Crush. That would've been preposterous. Orange is the first color with which I'll always associate the Broncos.

5. The Silver of the New England Patriots. It's always been my belief that silver/gray is an underutilized color in sports. It goes with everything, and you can wear it at home or on the road, and you'll never be too similar to the opposing team. It's a great utility uniform. It's versatile.

Gray, while being extremely neutral, is also rare enough in football that it can be considered bold. I really don't think any team could go wrong with a gray or silver alternate uniform.

NOTE: There was an eligibility question for the Creamsicle Orange joints of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They're throwbacks, but they're "new" for this year, and I don't know if the Bucs are making them their official alternate jerseys or not. If they are, obviously, there would be a spot for them on this list.

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