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The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Chester Pitts

Our latest podcast is about the labor situation, but it's also a lot of fun, because our guest can't go too long without laughing at life — or at himself. Chester Pitts(notes), the current free agent guard who has played for the Houston Texans an Seattle Seahawks, got on the phone with me on Friday afternoon to talk about his years of experience as a player rep. As one of the more activist voices on the NFLPA side of the labor battle, Pitts is determined to make the players' side known. I had talked with him about it in the Seahawks' locker room at the end of the 2010 season and at the 2011 scouting combine when a bunch of NFLPA people showed up at Peter King's Tweet-up, and it was a pleasure to get his chapter and verse about what's going on.

However, we had to get one thing out of the way first — Chester starts by explaining the thought process behind this video for Comedy Central.

After that, we got down to business. I asked Chester about where the players stand with the latest hearing going before the Eighth Circuit Court next week, why the NFLPA hasn't made a counter offer, how the players are holding up though the delays, how the use of misinformation has delayed things, why negotiation isn't always the answer (Chester uses some very interesting examples to make his case), and how he balances his questions about his own NFL future with the need to help his comrades. It's a fascinating talk with one of the NFL's true good guys, and well worth a listen.

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The Shutdown Corner Podcast: Chester Pitts

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