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The Patriots keep hiring and firing Ross VentroneRoss Ventrone(notes) is a second-year safety for the New England Patriots (sometimes), and his name gets in the newspaper a lot. It's not often because he made a play or attracted attention to himself off the field, and it's certainly never because the Patriots provided him a secure, long-term future.

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No, Ross Ventrone is perpetually a part of the quick little roster notes that get hastily attached to a story about some real news. In his young career, Ventrone has already been waived (and re-signed!) by the Patriots no fewer than four times. Marima at Pats Pulpit put together this list of Ventrone-related transactions:

04/29/10 - Signed (played pre-season opener)

08/15/10 - Waived

08/23/10 - Signed (played final two pre-season games)

09/04/10 - Waived

10/19/10 - Signed to practice squad

01/18/11 - Signed to a future contract (played Week 3)

10/01/11 - Waived

10/04/11 - Signed to practice squad

10/08/11 - Promoted to 53-man roster (played Week 5 & Week 6)

10/17/11 - Waived

10/19/11 - Signed to 53-man roster

I wonder if they keep the same locker for him, or if he has to keep switching every time he comes back. I don't know if the Patriots really can't figure out if they want to employ Ross Ventrone, or if there's someone in the organization who just really likes screwing with him.

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