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From dog abuse to federal prison straight to reality TV. That's where Michael Vick's life appears to be headed. What a unique little culture we've created for ourselves here.

A reality show is part of Vick's plan after being released from prison, and according to a Reuters article today, A&E and Spike TV are the best bets to land a Vick show.

I have no doubts that it will happen, but my hope is that it doesn't turn into the Michael Vick PR show. I don't want to see Vick posing for the cameras while volunteering at a soup kitchen, and I don't want the show to be all about all the wonderful things Vick is doing to rehab his image. Some of that will happen, I'm sure, and that's good, but that can't be the show's major focus. Vick can't control the message.

I want the truth. I want real access. I want a gritty hand-held shot of Vick leaning over the fence at a park, watching people play with their dogs, observing his internal struggle to jump the fence, kidnap a golden retriever, and choke it out.

Or maybe he should go the route of a practical joke show, like Howie Mandel in "Howie Do It." The twist here is that someone calls a local dog-walking service, and it's Vick who shows up to take Rover for a walk. Or someone takes their dog into the groomer's, and it's Vick standing there with a bottle of shampoo, a brush, and a mischevious grin.

Or maybe he could just serve as a giant scratching post/chew toy at the Westminster Dog Show. I don't know. I'm not a TV producer. I'm just an ideas man.

In all seriousness, whatever happens, I hope it works out for the best for Vick. And if, along the way, we got a glimpse of him as a real person, and got to observe a truly remorseful guy trying to get his life back on track, it could be a good thing for him and make for excellent television.

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