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A couple of days ago, we got our very first look at the 2010 version of the Madden video game in the form of the screenshot above.

I couldn't glean a ton of information from it, but this guy could. Apparently, the picture shows something called "Depth of Field," which, from what I can gather, is another word for "making stuff in the background look blurry." You can read more about it at the above link, and it's actually more interesting than I'm giving it credit for. How much it improves the game, we'll have to wait and see.

You can also read about some other minor visual improvements the game has made. None of them will be the major selling points for Madden '10, I don't guess, but hardcore Madden people will want to know. For example, all seven refs will be on the field instead of last year's paltry total of five. BOO-YAH. All seven, sweetheart. I dare you to not buy this game.

Also on the Madden tip, 32-year-old Bucs head coach Raheem Morris says Madden is responsible for the wave of young head coaches in the league. From

“Ever since [John Madden] made that (video) game [ed. note: John Madden does not actually make the video game, otherwise we'd all just have bloomin' onions with numbers painted on them], everybody thought they could be a coach,” Morris said during this morning’s NFC coaches-media breakfast at the league meeting. “You’ve been creating your own team, you’ve had your own fantasy leagues, you’ve been doing salary caps since you were 12. He ruined the league for the older coaches.”

How much Madden football did Morris play as a youth?

“Are you kidding me?” he said. “I majored in it in college (Hofstra University).”

So there you go, kids. Next time mom tells you to shut off the video games, tell her all she's doing is letting xXxDarthJaMarcus69xXx get a head start on you in important job training. Also, mention that all seven officials are now in the game. That'll impress her, too.

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