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In Tuesday's post about the race for Shutdown Corner MVP, I had Kurt Warner at the top of the list, and made no mention of Kerry Collins. In fact, the thought of Kerry Collins on such a list never even crossed my mind.

Should it have? There are those who believe it should. Jimmy Traina of SI's Hot Clicks has welded himself onto the Kerry Collins for MVP bandwagon, and Tirico Suave makes a case for Collins, too (some naughty language in there), including a dandy campaign video.

Hot Clicks says you've got to factor in what each quarterback has to work with, and Collins has Justin Gage, Brandon Jones and Justin McCareins, while Warner has Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Breaston.

The biggest factor is what each team is asking of their quarterback. Kerry Collins is a bit player in the Titans offense, right? The stars of that show are LenDale White and Chris Johnson. They pound the football. Johnson and White are Anton Chigurgh and Llewelyn Moss. Kerry Collins is Moss's mother-in-law.

And that's fine. He can absolutely nail the role of Moss's mother-in-law. But, you know, let's be honest ... there are about 80 other old women in Hollywood who could play that role. But there aren't a lot of Anton Chigurghs out there.

Whereas everything in Arizona relies on Kurt Warner. You can have great receivers, but if you don't have a quarterback who can get the ball to them, you don't have anything. The guy's got a shocking 70.6% completion percentage. and a 19-to-6 TD-to-interception ratio. That's not an accident. Larry Fitzgerald isn't making Warner's passes hit him in the chest. Anquan Boldin isn't making the reads for him and keeping defenders from touching the ball.

One guy is being asked to run the show, and one is not. And if you're not asked to run the show, then you can't be the show's MVP. Sorry. That's how it works.

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