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That's one possible explanation for the question. Boston College defensive tackle Ron Brace sat down with the Detroit Lions at Boston College's Pro Day, and they made an interesting inquiry. From the Boston Herald:

...  Brace was taken aback by a question posed on his visit with the Detroit Lions.

“They asked me what I used to order at McDonald’s in high school,” Brace said. “It’s kind of hard to remember what you ordered eight years ago.

“I’m a big guy, they must be looking to see how fat I am. If I said I hadn’t gone to McDonald’s, they would know I was lying right there.”

Go ahead ... make fun of the Lions if you want to. Yeah, they may have gone 0-16 last year, but they made damn sure there was no one on the roster who fell for that, "Would you like to add two apple pies to your order for one dollar?" nonsense. Can any other team say that? I think not.

Besides, true Lions prefer Wendy's. In the nude.

But you can't just say, "I like to get butt naked and have a Frosty," because they'll know you're just sucking up. The correct answer, for any young draft prospects who might be reading, is the McRib. It shows that you have the patience to wait for the sandwich's once-a-year appearance, and the class to eat McDonald's most exquisite and elegant sandwich.

Scouts love that. Rumor has it that Andre Wadsworth showed up to his combine interviews with two McRibs stuffed in each of his pants pockets, and that's why he was drafted in the first round.

Also, if you answer quickly and enthusiastically, like, "Man, I love those McRibs! Let's break out of this interview and go get some right now," that conveys that you don't know that the McRib is a seasonal item. And if that's the case, it either means that you aren't intimately familiar with the McDonalds menu, which scouts would like, or that you can't actually read the menu, which scouts don't care about. Either way, you can't lose.

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