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The NFL's rookie symposium is designed to teach 1st-year players life skills, so that they can behave in a way that won't damage their future.

Naturally, this is the place where Buccaneers rookies Cory Boyd and Aqib Talib chose to brawl with each other.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Talib, the Bucs' 1st-round pick, and Boyd, the Bucs 7th-round pick, had been exchanging words all day, and they finally got down to the fisticuffs in the "budgets and finance" meeting.

Fighting at the rookie symposium. That's superb. I know I'm probably supposed to be gnashing my teeth at the disrespectful nature of these young punks, but I just can't. It's too funny. I don't think it's sad at all ... I think it sounds like the most awesome budgets and finance meeting of all-time.

Of all the places to fight a dude, you pick the NFL's rookie symposium, where you're supposed to be learning to be a responsible adult. Brilliant. That's like going into a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, sitting down, tying off, and pumping some smack into your veins right there. Then everyone starts looking at you, and you look back and say, "What?"

Even Pacman Jones and Chris Henry made it through the rookie symposium without fighting anyone. This does not paint a bright picture for your futures, Boyd and Talib.

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