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Tim Tebow, the kind-hearted quarterback with an iron will and a Nuke LaLoosh throwing motion, has already scheduled a couple of private workouts with NFL teams. The Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks both want to get an up-close look Tebow.

This is a perfect example of why I don't think there's any way Tebow lasts through the second round of the NFL draft. Let's think about this. On March 17, at Florida's pro day, Tebow is scheduled to "unveil" his "new throwing motion." That means that, as of right now, NFL teams have no idea how Tim Tebow plans to throw a football in the NFL. And yet, he's still being scheduled for private, individual workouts.

Has that ever happened before? Can you imagine any other circumstances where an NFL team would say, "Yes, we'd like to have you in for a private workout, even though we can't be sure that you don't plan to be the first granny-style NFL quarterback."

This isn't meant as a criticism of the Seahawks or Bills, nor is it a recommendation of spending a second-rounder on Tebow. It's just my belief that the reputation Tebow established in college -- that of a hard-working, pious, inspirational leader and winner -- is enough to sway one team to spend a second-rounder on him. Right or wrong, someone's going to buy into the notion that this guy is capable of anything.

And hey, maybe they're right. I have my reservations about anyone's ability to permanently and drastically change their throwing motion in a month -- the second the pressure's on, that motion's going right back to the old way -- but at the same time, I don't feel totally comfortable doubting Tim Tebow's work ethic, either.

Whether it's the Bills, Seahawks or someone else, someone's going to be sold on him.

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