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When Brett Favre(notes) said yesterday that he was going to stay retired, he apparently meant for the next five minutes or so.

The whole time I was writing the post yesterday about the Vikings being better off without Favre, I was thinking, "Boy, I'd sure like to get this in writing." But I decided to give Favre the benefit of the doubt, play it straight, and act like his word meant something.

And then came this report on the NFL Network.

This is almost getting to be a parody of itself. At the first hint that we'd get a little bit of peace or a little bit of closure, Favre tells Steve Mariucci that, despite what he said yesterday, he's going to keep working out, and that he doesn't know how he'll feel tomorrow.

Brett Favre will never be retired. Brett Favre will always either be "active" or "waiting." I have him as the early odds-on favorite to lead the UFL in interceptions in 2017.

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