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When Terry Bradshaw quarterbacked for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the perception among fans and players was that Bradshaw was, to put it kindly, a simple-minded man.

Maybe that perception was fair, maybe it wasn't. Given recent events, though, I think we can safely say that Bradshaw can never be known as the dumbest Steelers quarterback of all time. Ben Roethlisberger(notes) has wrestled that title away, about as forcefully as Mike Tyson took his first world title from Trevor Berbick.

Speaking at the annual Terry Bradshaw-Kix Brooks Golf Tournament on Monday, Bradshaw was asked about Roethlisberger's recent unsavory issues. From KTBS (watch the whole video here), here's the advice Bradshaw laid out for Roethlisberger (pictured above, apparently trying his hardest to look like John Rocker):

"I hardly ever went in a club -- ever -- in 14 years in Pittsburgh. Count 'em on one hand. I was petrified of the problems you can get into. And I almost got into -- it's there, believe me.

"There's nothing greater if you're single than to walk into a bar with beautiful women, and have them just fill your ego up. And you ask yourself, 'Would they pay any attention to you if you weren't, you know, who you are?' Of course not. Because I'm not that attractive, and neither is Ben. So it's nice that you can do that (Bradshaw flicks his arm, mimicking throwing a football).

"But he's got to be careful. Stay out -- I don't want to give him any advice, because he's not going to pay attention to me. [...] He's got an image problem right now. Best thing to do is don't ever put yourself in that position again. When you're through playing football, do whatever you want to do, but right now, stay clean. Stay out of trouble. Stay out of bars. Keep yourself clean."

That's sound, if simplistic, advice that Roethlisberger has yet to grasp. I second all of it, except for maybe the part about Roethlisberger doing whatever he wants after his career. Illegal is illegal, if you're an active NFL player or not.

What was that bit about Roethlisberger not paying any attention to Bradshaw? Well, as it turns out, they don't like each other. Bradshaw explained:

"Our relationship is not any good. When I told him to park the motorcycle, he got pissed. Alright? Then he had the accident. And since then, there's, you know ... he doesn't like me, and I'm learning not to like him."

I have a feeling you're not the only one, Terry.

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