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It's no secret that Terrell Suggs(notes) doesn't like the Pittsburgh Steelers. He wore a T-shirt back in August 2009 that told us exactly that. But in case you had forgotten the feelings of the Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Suggs has taken to wearing a T-shirt that succinctly sums up his attitude toward the city: 

Bonus points for the casual, contemplative glance with which Suggs poses.

"What's that? Oh yes; why, I am wearing a shirt with an anthropomorphic raven flipping off an entire city. Just business as usual here at the Ravens training facility."

Between Rex Ryan issuing personal challenges to Bill Belichick, Antonio Cromartie(notes) cursing about Tom Brady(notes) and Suggs' T-shirt, I fear that the discourse in the NFL is getting too uncivil. Twenty bucks says somebody blames Sarah Palin for this within the first 10 comments.

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