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That was, of course, Terrell Owens, complaining about the number of times he got to touch the ball yesterday, kindly explaining that when the Dallas offense bogs down, it's because no one thought to actually superglue the football to his face.

And in a related stat, Terrell Owens was targeted 17 times by his quarterback yesterday, which led the freaking league. In fact, only twice this year has a receiver been targeted more frequently than Owens was yesterday (Brandon Marshall was targeted 20 times in Week Two, and Antonio Bryant was targeted 18 times in Week Three).

That's 17 targets, plus two rushing attempts for Owens, for a total of 19 touches. The box score shows that the Cowboys ran 58 plays, and Terrell's 19 would account for roughly 32.8% of them. Not enough, he says.

Hey, that's what the guy believes. And there's no reason to rip him for it, at least no more than you'd rip Randy Moss for being tall or Andy Reid for looking like a walrus. People are who they are. DNA is DNA. And if you haven't accepted that Terrell Owens is a guy who honestly believes (and often, rightly so) that his team's fortunes rise and fall on his touches, then I don't know what to tell you.

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