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Terrell Owens(notes) has been a goody-two-shoes for a while now. He's made no negative waves in Cincinnati, and was on his best behavior in Buffalo. Even as I type this, he's still done nothing really wrong.

He's still earned himself a fine, though.

The NFL forbids players from posting on Twitter within 90 minutes before a game, and Owens posted a Tweet during the forbidden time. It was a nice Tweet, but ... even nice Tweets get you fined if they're within 90 minutes of kickoff.

Here it is:

That's kind of sweet, actually. And if you happen to be the lucky fan that ends up with the ball, please know that your new autographed ball cost Owens about $25,000.

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That's the amount that Chad Ochocinco(notes) was fined for a similar violation in the preseason. I assume the fine for Owens will be similar.

[Video: Player impersonates Owens' 2000 touchdown celebration]

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