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Ten (now six) quality free agents who could still be had(UPDATE: Signed with the Eagles). Nnamdi Asomugha(notes), CB. The biggest unrestricted free agent prize is still out there. A Nnamdi deal could get done at any moment, and Adam Schefter says that there's an "80 percent chance" he ends up with the Jets. The other 20 percent belongs to the 49ers. I'm really hoping it's the 49ers. One team having both Darrelle Revis(notes) and Nnamdi Asomugha seems like it creates some sort of unfair competitive balance issue.

Cullen Jenkins(notes), DE. For some reason, it seems like the defensive linemen are taking the longest to get sorted. I'd have thought that, by now, someone would've been all over Jenkins, the Super Bowl stud. The Redskins were thought to be early leaders for his services, but they gave big money to Stephen Bowen(notes). Jenkins isn't young, and he won't be cheap, but he can help someone. Possibly Denver.

Aubrayo Franklin(notes), DT. Franklin's another guy I figured would be snatched up quickly, but he's still out there. The 49ers have already made plans to move on in his absence, sliding Isaac Sopoaga into the nose tackle spot.

(UPDATE: Signed with Atlanta) Ray Edwards(notes), DE. He's 26 years old and coming off two consecutive eight-sack seasons. The Falcons are thought to be interested, and the Seahawks might be, too.

Zach Miller, TE. Miller's an emerging star at tight end, and I'd think he'd make a really nice security blanket for a young quarterback. While the Raiders would like to keep him, it seems like Miller wants to explore the market. There hasn't been much talk about anyone chasing him, though, so staying in Oakland is a real possibility.

Braylon Edwards(notes), WR. Edwards is a quality receiver, but maybe not everything you'd want in a citizen. If he kept a lower off-the-field profile, he'd probably have a contract by now. But with the Jets re-signing Santonio Holmes(notes) and trying to throw big money at Nnamdi, there's probably no room at the inn for Braylon. The Vikings are believed to have some interest after losing Sidney Rice(notes) to Seattle.

Michael Huff(notes), S. Given the amount of teams who were throwing money at Eric Weddle(notes), it's a little bit of a surprise that no one jumped on Michael Huff as a consolation prize. Weddle's the better player, but he's not that much better. Dallas is a good fit.

(UPDATE: Signed with Raiders) Jared Gaither(notes), OT. He's 6-9, 340 pounds, 25 years old, and has experience as a starter on a quality Ravens offensive line.  The Raiders are said to have a high level of interest in making Gaither their left tackle.

(UPDATE: Re-signed with Seattle) Brandon Mebane(notes), DT. The Rams and Broncos are interested in Mebane, but the Seahawks would like to bring him back, too, and are probably the favorites for his services.

Antonio Cromartie(notes), CB. It's really, really unlikely that anything would happen with Cromartie before Nnamdi gets settled. Someone who loses out on the big prize -- the Jets, 49ers or Raiders -- will have to console themselves with Cromartie.

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