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Teams with some work to do to get under the salary capThe last time we saw NFL games, there was no salary cap. Every team in the league was free to make it rain on any free agent they had their eye on.

This year, though, with the new collective bargaining agreement, the salary cap is back, and it's lower than it was in 2009. Consequently, there are a few teams in a little bit of salary cap trouble. Via ESPN's John Clayton, here are those teams, and the amount by which they're over the cap.

Oakland Raiders: $14.9 million over
Dallas Cowboys: $13.9 million over
Pittsburgh Steelers: $10.3 million over
New York Giants: $6.1 million over
Minnesota Vikings: $4.3 million over
Indianapolis Colts: $1.8 million over
Baltimore Ravens: $1.8 million over

Now, "trouble" might be overstating it for some of these teams, especially the ones towards the bottom of the list; $1.8 million is pretty easy to shed. In fact, the Ravens have already gotten a jump on it. Charm City will miss you, Willis McGahee(notes).

Anyway, those teams will be adding to the already long, long list of free agents that need to find homes in a short period of time.

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