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Brandon Marshall scored the game-winning touchdown tonight for the Broncos on a late TD pass from Jay Cutler. Afterwards, he reached into his pants and pulled out a glove for what looked like a pre-planned celebration, but before he could do anything, teammate Brandon Stokely ran over to Marshall begging him to stop. Following the game, Marshall explained his thwarted plan to the NFL Network crew.

To celebrate Barack Obama's election, Marshall said he wanted to take a page from John Carlos and Tommie Smith's black power demonstration at the 1968 Olympics. Only, 40 years later, Marshall planned to salute the progress made in the country since the Mexico City Games. The 24-year old Broncos receiver wanted to put on the glove, half-white and half-black, to hold up in triumph. It would have been his tribute to racial harmony. But, fearing a 15-yard personal foul that almost certainly would have been called by the refs after such an event, Marshall's teammate put a stop to it. 

Said Marshall:

"It [wasn't] about black power, it's not about white or black, it's about U.S.A. red, white and blue. But Stokely came over and said it's too close a ball game."

And, really, isn't that what America's all about: life, liberty and the pursuit of conference victories. 

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