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Most NFL fans would agree that Tarvaris Jackson is a liability, but evidently, it extends past his inability to find open receivers and throw them the football. According to one report, Tarvaris is actively keeping other good players away from Minnesota.

Here's the e-mail that ESPN's Kevin Seifert got from a fan:

I'm a HUGE Vikings fan living in Los Angeles. One of my employees and his brother know T.J. Houshmandzadeh. When asked why he passed on Minnesota, he told them that it was all good until they brought Tarvaris Jackson into talk to him (and basically signal to him that he is their starter). ..."

And you're probably thinking, "Why should I believe this jabronie?" Well, Seifert assures us that these are not just the made-up ramblings of a guy who really just wants to see his name on an ESPN blog.

We have to be careful about passing along news tips, but in this case Tom's information is verified. ESPN's John Clayton reported the same sequence of events last Saturday on ESPN radio. Houshmandzadeh himself said that the presence of quarterback Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle played a big part in his decision.

Now, you might see that as a bad thing, but you know what I say, Vikings? Take those lemons and make a lemon-flavored beverage so delicious that the CEO of Minute Maid will go home and stick his head in the oven.

Tarvaris Jackson keeps good receivers away? Play him on defense! Just plant him at the goal line, put a sandwich board on him that reads, "I feel like I can help you succeed as a receiver," and no receiver will go near him. Boom. Just like that, the opposition can't score a passing touchdown.

And this is the part where, if I'm going to poke fun at Tarvaris Jackson, I also have to point out that the last four games he played in the '08 regular season were sensational, including a completion percentage of slightly above 64 percent, and eight touchdowns to one interception.

So take that, T.J. Houshmandzadeh. You will regret the day you disrespected Tarvaris Jackson.

Gracias, FanHouse.

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