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Tandon Doss breaks up burger joint fight, plays football gameOn the football field, Baltimore Ravens rookie Tandon Doss(notes) provides offense. When he's chilling at Five Guys, though, he's all about defense.

Before Thursday night's Ravens/Redskins game, Doss happened to see a fight at a Five Guys restaurant in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. He wasn't having it. Despite the fact that one guy had a knife, Doss intervened and broke up the fight.

Here's the report from Doss himself on Twitter:

Jus had to break up a fight at five guys. Baltimore is too ratchet!!!

And after someone questioned his decision-making in getting involved in a fight right before a game, he responded with this.

@LIKEY5 Idc wat day it is I'm not gunna sit there and let someone get jumped idk where ur from but we don't do that in Indy. Ur #weaksauce

Just a couple of clarifications here. "Ratchet" is an adjective that in this case means "crazy" or "out of hand." "Idc" stands for "I don't care." "Idk" stands for "I don't know." Indianapolis is Doss' hometown. And Twitter user @LIKEY5 is totally #weaksauce.

Anyway, here's how the Baltimore Sun described the incident.

Five Guys manager Carl Fisher said police told his employees that a Ravens player had intervened in the fight.

"I mean, it was two dudes on one,"" Doss said. "I was trying to help the situation out. I broke it up. ... I saw the guy on the ground bleeding, and I saw a guy on top hitting him. So I stopped it."

Baltimore police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi could not confirm that Doss had broken up the fight but said a dispute erupted in the Pratt Street Pavilion restaurant about 4:30 p.m. He said two men, one believed to have been angry about getting fired, cut the 34-year-old manager with a knife.

Guglielmi said the two men, both former employees, ran from the restaurant but left the knife behind. The manager suffered a minor cut on his chin and was treated at an area hospital and released, the spokesman said.

Doss went on to catch two passes for 28 yards Thursday night, and is one of two rookie wide receivers battling for playing time with the Ravens. If you want to judge them by their off-the-field behavior, Doss breaks up knife fights in Baltimore. Torrey Smith runs like hell when the earth shakes.

Also, if you're worried about Doss endangering himself before a game, maybe this is the better question: How does anyone have a meal at Five Guys and then still plan to do anything athletic over the next 24 hours?

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