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For the 11 people out there who don't think Terrell Owens gets enough attention, you're in for a treat: The Buffalo Bills wide receiver will be part of the lineup for ABC's latest revival of its celebrity sports competition, "The Superstars".

Owens will be one of eight athletes to be paired in co-ed teams with C-list celebrities for the program, which will debut June 23rd. They'll compete in a variety of events including kayaking, swimming, biking and running, with one team getting eliminated each week until a winner is crowned.

TO's partner will be model Joanna Krupa, whose claim to fame is that she was No. 61 on Maxim's Hot 100 list in 2006. That may not seem like too long ago until you remember that, in 2006, TO was just leaving Philadelphia for Dallas. (And that Lindsay Lohan was No. 3 on Maxim's list that year.)

Other athletes taking part in the competition will be former baseball player Jeff Kent, seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry, Olympian Bode Miller and former tennis star Jennifer Capriati. The "stars" include Ali Landry (Doritos commercial, briefly married to A.C. Slater), Dan Cortese (you may remember him from 1996), Paige Hemmis (?) and, awesomely, Julio Iglesias. No, wait ... that says Julio Iglesias Jr

There are a number of positives about Owens' participation in this show. For starters, he'll have a chance to win a title this year, an opportunity which won't present itself in Buffalo. Also, it seems there isn't a "ball catching" competition, which would seem to be a major plus for the Owens/Krupa team. Finally, with Bode Miller also part of the cast, perhaps Owens can pick up some pointers on narcissism.

The downsides? Pretty much everything else. Is TO already this desperate for attention in Buffalo that he's going on reality shows with somebody named Maksim Chmerkovskiy? And are the Bills that desperate for Owens that they're letting him? We haven't even hit training camp! You know, if TO isn't careful, I fear he may become overexposed. 

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