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Pretty much everyone involved in the Seahawks/Browns game. Seattle quarterback Charlie Whitehurst(notes) leads the parade, with his 12-of-30, 97-yard performance. The Seahawks were able to amass just 137 total yards on the day, and the worst thing about that is their opponent only beat them by three.

This Guy:

I like some of what this guy did. He showed some nice elusiveness at the end, and he managed to evade custody for a while. But you're either a streaker or you're not. No shirt doesn't count. I appreciate the effort, but this guy set the standard for all future streakers. Sorry, England. You're behind now.

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Also, while we're here, an MVP vote goes to YouTube, too. I abhor the American networks' policy of not showing people who run onto the field. It's happening, it's live, and I demand to see it. The idea behind the policy is to not reward the intruders for their behavior, but come on -- it's tremendously entertaining for everyone at home. Besides, every single one of you networks has a "reality" show where people routinely do things way dumber simply because it's going to be on TV. It's time to change this tradition. Thank goodness YouTube is there to fill the void.

Chris Johnson, Running Back, Tennessee Titans. I'm starting to feel like it's time to rename this the Chris Johnson list. Eighteen yards on 10 carries is what he managed Sunday as his Titans got rolled by the Houston Texans. Texans linebacker Brian Cushing(notes) shared this about Johnson after the game: "If you hit him early, I think it kind of deters him a little bit." Because that's what you're looking for when you give a guy $30 million guaranteed.

Kyle Boller(notes), Quarterback, Oakland Raiders. The only guy who had a quarterback rating on Sunday worse than Kyle Boller was the guy who replaced him, Carson Palmer(notes). It's hard to blame Palmer, but Boller doesn't have the same excuses built in. He was intercepted three times on 14 throws, and when you combine his numbers with Palmer's, the Raiders were intercepted on more than 1/6th of their throws. Hard to win games like that. I wonder if there was any consideration of putting Terrelle Pryor(notes) in the game.

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Brian Robison(notes), Defensive End, Minnesota Vikings. It's bad enough that he drove his cleated foot into the nether regions of T.J. Lang. Perhaps more concerning, though, are his comments afterwards. "It happened. There's nothing I can do about it. It's something that if I could go back, I wouldn't have done it. There's nothing I could do about it now. There was a penalty, and hopefully it won't happen in the future." Hopefully? You don't have to hope on this one, man. You can just stop kicking people in the ding-ding. It's not like you have some rare form of junk-kicking Tourette's, and you have to hope it doesn't just show up at an inopportune time. Just join the rest of us and pledge that you won't go around ramming your cleats into sensitive areas.

Fox won't show a streaker, but they'll slow this down and show this 85 times. Where's the justice?

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