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1. Michael Turner(notes), Running Back, Atlanta Falcons. A year after scorching through the league, Turner still can't get anything going with the Falcons. The "slow start" phase has passed. Now, he's getting into "just not very good" territory. He's 15th in the league in yards per game, despite being fourth in carries per game. He's getting 3.4 a carry. Meanwhile, Jason Snelling(notes) took seven carries from him on Sunday and turned then into 68 yards. It's a smaller sample size, obviously (19 carries), but Snelling's getting 6.4 a carry. That turns up the heat on Turner a little bit.

2. Matt Cassel(notes), Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs. Cassel was really bad against the Chargers, but honestly, the bigger question here is how Cassell has managed to not have more games like that. The Kansas City offensive line is brutal. Even after yesterday's performance (10-of-25, 97 yards, one touchdown, three interceptions) against a thus-far weak San Diego defense, Cassel still has an 8-to-5 touchdown to interception ratio on the year. That's actually kind of incredible.

3. Chad Henne(notes), Quarterback, Miami Dolphins. Doug pointed out that the Dolphins got a little pass-happy at odd times in the game yesterday. Whether or not that was a bad decision (and it was), it was still incumbent on Chad Henne to make some throws, and he didn't. The Saints were stacking the line and absolutely daring the Dolphins to throw, and it turned out to be a great strategy. Yes, Ted Ginn not coming up with that ball that turned into an interception by Darren Sharper(notes) hurt the cause, but still, Henne didn't do his job. He went 11-for-26 in the second half, with two interceptions. If he's even decent in the second half, the Fish win that game.

4. Kenny Moore, Wide Receiver, Carolina Panthers. Kenny Moore is the guy who muffed the punt that erased any chance the Panthers had of coming back against the Bills yesterday, but let's be honest: Even if Moore fields it cleanly, the ball eventually ends up in the hands of Jake Delhomme(notes), and he was probably going to turn it over anyway. Don't beat yourself up over it, Kenny Moore.

5. William Gay(notes), cornerback, Pittsburgh Steelers. Gay was a winner yesterday, even though Brett Favre(notes) did abuse him a couple of times. Still, the main purpose of his inclusion here is to show the following video. Ka. Boom.

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