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Brett Favre(notes), Quarterback, Minnesota Vikings. I'm not going to recap it again. You saw it; you know what happened. A lot of Vikings made mistakes Sunday (see: the rest of this list), and Favre's mistakes obviously weren't the only reason they lost. That last interception, though ... well, it came at the worst time, and it was just a brutal, brutal play. It was the kind of thing you'd expect from JaMarcus Russell(notes).

Brad Childress, Head Coach, Minnesota Vikings. Childress is taking a lot of heat for his conservative approach toward the end of regulation, just before the Favre pick, and I can see where people are coming from. I think, in that situation, there's an argument to be made for being conservative, though.

The series in question: With about a minute to play, at 1st and 10 at the 33, Childress called two running plays. Too conservative? Maybe, but there are two things I'd point out: 1) The Vikings had been running the ball successfully, averaging 4.9 yards per carry before that drive. Even if they pick up five or six yards on those two carries, they're in much better shape than they were before. They happened to get stuffed for zero yards.

Perhaps then you say that the Saints were stacking the line, anticipating the run, so the Vikings should have thrown, which brings me to number 2) Couldn't you just feel a Favre interception coming? I know it didn't shock me. He threw one in the third, and he had a couple of other throws that bounced off of Saints. I had very little confidence in Favre right there, and for that reason, I'd have been wary of throwing, too.

If that's what Childress was thinking, then I'm with him 100 percent. However, if he was thinking, "Well, we're at the 33, and I think that's good enough," then that's just absurd.

Dwight Lowery, Cornerback, New York Jets. Lowery wasn't so much a cornerback Sunday as he was Pierre Garcon's(notes) personal escort to the football. "The ball appears to be in the air, my good man. May I accompany you in that general direction?" True, a lot of them were pinpoint-perfect Peyton Manning(notes) throws, but still, it was a one-on-one battle between Garcon and Lowery, and Garcon ate him alive. Lowery got the start ahead of Lito Sheppard(notes), but don't feel bad for Lito. He also got his chance to come in and he gave up a 36-yard touchdown pass, too.

Percy Harvin(notes), Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings. Officially, five Vikings fumbled Sunday: Adrian Peterson (twice), Bernard Berrian(notes), Brett Favre (though that one should've counted as Adrian Peterson's third), Harvin and Darius Reynaud(notes). Reynaud's was a punt muff, which he recovered himself, and Peterson (who actually lost only one of the fumbles, and fumbles aside, turned in an outstanding performance) and Berrian made enough other contributions that they can't be on the list. Harvin didn't, though, so he's going to have to be the one to accept this award on behalf of all the KY-handed Vikings.

This spot remains blank. Again, in honor of a spectacular day of football. There were about a dozen guys I could've put in the MVP post, but it was a struggle coming up with five guys who really defiled the pooch. I'm going to leave this spot empty, as a tribute to everyone who provided us with a thrilling day of football Sunday.

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