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Unless there's some new celebration by transference thing I don't know about, Ndamukong Suh mocking Aaron Rodgers' championship belt move after a sack in Sunday's Detroit Lions-Green Bay Packers game was the dumbest thing that happened during the early games in Week 17. Oh, maybe it wasn't as bad as this or this, but it was an insult to all good sense and taunting decency. And isn't that just as bad?

For, you see, Aaron Rodgers wasn't playing on Sunday. He was resting for the playoffs. His backup, Matt Flynn, started in his place. So Suh celebrated a sack of Flynn by derisively performing Rodgers' signature move. That's like sticking out your tongue while posterizing John Paxson.

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It's not as if Suh and the Lions defense could tell the difference between the two, I suppose. In a game that was pivotal in determining Detroit's playoff path, Suh's defense made Flynn look like Rodgers, Favre and Starr combined. The backup threw for a franchise record 480 yards and six touchdowns in leading the Packers to a 44-41 win that was meaningless for them, but potentially devastating for Detroit.

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Instead of traveling next week to play in New York or Dallas, the Lions will have to go down to the Superdome to face the red-hot New Orleans Saints. It's cool though. Suh still got in that wicked shot at Rodgers, who stood watching from afar with a winter cap on his head.

If the Lions beat the Saints, they would travel back to Lambeau to face Green Bay in the divisional playoffs. In that scenario, Rodgers could pay back Suh with a little bit of his own medicine. All he'd have to do is juke Cliff Avrill and then stomp on Avrill's arm. By Suh's estimation, that'd be a classic diss.

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