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It might be completely tasteless to celebrate the injury of Tom Brady, but I know there's a segment of the population who didn't even try to hide their smiles when Tom's knee went snap. I can't ignore them. Especially in these difficult economic times, when we need people to get out there and spend, spend, spend.

So we present the following merchandise, aimed at a certain sick segment of the NFL fan population. You know who you are.

First, the obvious, the Bernard Pollard jersey. It's probably the boldest statement you can make here, as buying a man's jersey represents a bigger commitment than buying a t-shirt. The t-shirt says, "Your quarterback is hurt, and it makes me giggle." The jersey says, "I am forever indebted to Bernard Pollard."

Then we've got the "12" with the snapped "1." The item description reads:

Whether you love the Pats or you hate them, this totally cool original graphic perfectly illustrates the catastophic injury suffered by Tom Brady in their week one game vs the Chiefs!

Yeah, I don't see a lot of Pats fans buying that one. I don't know if anyone really wants to reminisce about that day. "Hey, remember when Tommy's knee got destroyed? Those were the days, huh?"

And on bottom, a couple of different Bernard Pollard fan club shirts. The white one on the left is a little more subtle. For those of you who aren't into subtlety when it comes to celebrating injuries, the red shirt from BelieveMerch (where they also have some fantastic Steelers t-shirts) goes ahead and puts the slashed-out "12" on there.

HTML clipboardGracias, Arrowhead Addict via Kissing Suzy Kolber.

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