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Stuff You Need takes a look at the NFL-related consumer goods on the internet, and calls your attention to products you never knew you needed.

If you liked these coins commemorating Brett Favre being an "All-Time Great" and leading the NFL in career wins for a quarterback, then you will love this coin commemorative Brett Favre's 300th career interception!

It's a little golden piece of history. Favre is the first and only member of the 300 interception club, and you can get this coin now to complete your collection!

To order, click your heels together three times, and set fire to $40. I can't guarantee you that this will get you the coin, but you will get exactly what you deserve.

On a serious note, though ... 300 interceptions? Big deal. It's kind of like how shot blockers are always the ones to get dunked on in the NBA. If you want to block shots, every now and then, you're going to get served up a facial. That's the way it goes.

And in the NFL, if you want to throw a ton of touchdown passes, you're going to throw a lot of interceptions. There aren't a lot of bad quarterbacks in the Top 20 interception leaders of all-time. On the list are names like Blanda, Tarkenton, Unitas, Marino, Tittle, Fouts, Moon, Elway, Stabler, Namath Bradshaw, etc.

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