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These are the facts. They are undisputed:

1) During an interview with KFAN in Chicago, former Bears receiver Bobby Wade said that his friend Brian Urlacher called Jay Cutler "a pussy" during an offseason trip to Las Vegas. He prefaced that statement with, "I don't want to get him in trouble, but ..."

2) Upon hearing this, Urlacher denied this and said:

"To tell you the truth, I think it's just stupid. The radio stations that talk about it? I really don't [care] what they said. They are the pussies."

Urlacher also then denied a report that he had to be restrained from going after Cutler during team activities. He added that that he's "pretty sure" Cutler knows he wouldn't say such things about him and ends with, "I have no problem with Jay."

3) Bobby Wade(notes), now with the Vikings, called up Urlacher to apologize.

4) The awesomeness of this story via a Vikings players almost makes up for the weeks of Brett Favre(notes) speculation. Almost.

At first I figured Wade was joking and trying to stir the pot with his statement. Then I listened to the clip and now I'm not so sure. Wade hedged a bet before restating Urlacher's sentiments and he didn't chuckle afterward like he did when kidding around at other points during the interview. (And you'll also notice that Wade didn't quote Urlacher directly. It was more of a paraphrase.)

This wouldn't be a big deal if Cutler didn't have such a thin skin. Even if he is offended, it doesn't matter. If Urlacher really doesn't like Cutler, I doubt that's news to the quarterback. Nor is it necessary for the Bears to be a good team in 2009.

Brian Urlacher(notes) is old school and old school guys aren't supposed to like pampered offensive players like Jay Cutler(notes). You think Sam Huff didn't call Frank Gifford some names behind his back in the early '60s? And, if he did, I'm sure they were a lot more colorful than the feline name Urlacher gave to his new QB.

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