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You'd forgive fans of the Arizona Cardinals football club for wondering where Kurt Warner(notes) might be hiding out, and whether he was watching Arizona lose, 24-10, to the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football.

The future Hall of Famer, who's been enjoying a comfortable retirement since the Cards lost to the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round of the 2009 playoffs, must have felt his ears burning as his potential replacements, Matt Leinart(notes) and Derek Anderson(notes), went a combined 15 of 25 for 133 yards, no touchdowns, and no picks.

Each quarterback displayed his own liabilities. Leinart had a jittery touch with his passes, and his mechanics looked way off. Anderson overthrew and underthrew his targets, blowing two easy slants in the end zone to receivers Steve Breaston(notes) and Stephen Williams(notes). The only Arizona passing touchdown came from backup Max Hall(notes), a rookie from BYU who signed with the team as an undrafted free agent.

The Cardinals' organization must have been at least thinking that if they sent Larry Fitzgerald(notes), Levi Brown and Adrian Wilson(notes) on a plane to Warner's house, they might be able to get him back and put together some semblance of a serviceable offense. But Warner beat everyone to the punch via Twitter -- first with a general message, and then with something more specific.

OK, y'all... I am watching game... I am not coming back... and I would still appreciate your help! LOL, sorry guys, u know def of 'retire'?less than a minute ago via web

Shout out 2 my guys Jaws, Coach G, and Mike Tirico thanks for the love! Sorry, but I am done, maybe I will join u in the booth sometime! LOLless than a minute ago via web


The help Warner was asking for was for computer video-editing advice; give him a follow if you have a clue how that works. The second Tweet was directed at the guys in the MNF booth who were also wondering about his future football prospects. But that's a pretty good indication of where Warner's head is at this time. He's not pacing around his compound, rehearsing his unretirement speech and waiting for the cavalry to show up. Warner's moved on, and he's in a happy place. Good for him. Bad, if Monday night's game was an indication, for his old team. It heads to Chicago to face the Bears this Saturday for what will likely be the final auditions for Leinart and Anderson before head coach Ken Whisenhunt names his starter. Someone's going to have to step up, or the Bidwill family may have to have a loooong talk with the Warners.

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