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Bryan Braman of the Houston Texans is an undrafted rookie free agent special teams player. I'm assuming he's aware of the ongoing discussion of the dangers of helmet-to-helmet hits. I'm also assuming, based on what you're about to see below, that he just doesn't care.

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That's not a helmet-to-helmet hit, that's a player intentionally ramming his head, unprotected by a helmet, into another player's helmet. I'm not a physician or anything, but if a helmet-to-helmet hit is a dangerous, I think we can infer that a noggin-to-helmet hit is also pretty dangerous.

There's an instinct to applaud the man for his hustle, and his willingness to sacrifice himself to make a play. This is something that belongs on Jack Lambert's highlight reel.

But if we're trying to protect players and trying to get them to understand the long-term dangers of repeated blows to the head, shouldn't we also discourage something like this?

I mean, I don't know what we're supposed to tell the guy. It is, after all, his instinct as a player (not to mention as a guy who has no guarantee of a football career of any substantial length) to go make that tackle. But I can't help but be concerned for the guy's well-being when I see that. One good hit from a helmeted head to a non-helmeted head could literally crush a man's skull. I feel like this is a little bit awesome, and a whole lot disturbing.

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