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Yeah, that's right. I called it the greatest mock draft ever, and I  mean it. You know why? Number one, I feel very good about the quality of this mock draft. Number two, after the draft, everyone forgets about all mock drafts, so even if it turns out to be terrible, it doesn't really matter.

But it is good. Maybe not in the sense of, "Oh, this is exactly how the draft is going to go," but I think it's an entertaining listen and provides a pretty decent little primer on the draft and its prospects as we get closer to Saturday. I think you'll enjoy it, as a part of course, of Yahoo!'s outstanding draft coverage.

Here's what we did. We asked all 32 of SB Nation's NFL blogs to call the Shutdown Corner hotline and make the picks for their teams, in order, and see how the draft played out. Meanwhile, Danks and I would sit back in the studio, take the picks as they come and give them the Mel Kiper treatment.

The final product is this 90-minute audio mock draft that plays much like a live draft. It's got your typical risers and sliders, surprise picks, off-the-board picks and green room sob stories. I'm pretty psyched about it.

I know Danks and I had fun putting it together, and the help we got from SB Nation was fantastic, and you should give it a download and see what happens with your favorite teams or players. And if you're not man enough to listen to the podcast, we'll have a text version of it coming up for you on Tuesday.

You can listen right here:

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Or download right here:

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