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Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers(notes), according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, has been arrested at Cleveland Hopkins airport for trying to board a plane with a loaded gun.

Rogers, to the best of my knowledge, is not a federal air marshal, which means that his transporting of a loaded gun into an airport is really, really illegal — and really, really dumb. According to this report, Rogers' excuse is that he forgot the gun was in the bag.

And yes, I would hope so. If he knew the gun was in the bag, that would make Rogers either the most ignorant air traveler of all time, or a full-blown terrorist.

Or maybe it was all an homage to Barry Switzer. I don't know.

One thing I'm pretty sure it isn't is an April Fools gag. If it is, quite a few news organizations are being "fooled," and according to Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post, the incident has "no appearance of being an April Fool's prank." Unless someone's playing a gag on Rogers, in which case ... not cool, man.

It's just so hard to fathom that in these days of heightened security, anyone could just forget they had a heater in their carry-on. How does that happen? Screeners flip out if your bottle of contact lens solution is too big, and you're not going to think to double-check your bag for an instrument of murder?

We'll see what happens. If Rogers gets his gun back and nothing happens to him, then I want my contact lens solution back, too.

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