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A security guard at the Ivy Hotel in downtown San Diego was punched in the face early Saturday morning. A police report says Chargers linebacker Shaun Phillips punched the guy in the face. Phillips says he didn't punch anybody in the face.

Here's the copper's version:

In a written report on the incident, San Diego police Officer J. Denny said he and another officer responded to a call about a fight at the Ivy.

Denny said that a security guard had been called to the rooftop bar to break up a fight, and that Phillips "used his right hand to hit (the guard) in the left side of his face."

The security guard placed Phillips under citizen's arrest for battery, Denny said, and the officer later cited Phillips and released him on his written promise to appear for a misdemeanor arraignment.

And here's what Phillips says:

"It was somebody else's mishap. It had nothing to do with me or my teammates," Phillips said.

He confirmed that he received a citation and said the officer was "just doing his job based on one person's account."

"There is video of the whole thing, and it won't show me anywhere in the vicinity," Phillips said.

Shawne Merriman was also spotted outside the hotel, on his phone, asking for someone to come and assist him. Merriman later said only that he was called to the hotel to help a teammate.

So it's one guy's word against another guy's word. One guy says he's got video on his side, and one guy has a cop on his side. No offense intended to either party, but I'll trust the video over both Shaun Phillips and the police officer. I hope, when that video surfaces and someone finds out for sure what Shaun Phillips did or didn't do, we hear about it.

By the way, just so you know, I'll most likely be out the rest of today and tomorrow on some personal business. I may pop in periodically, but rest easy, though. Chase will be here to guide you through the rest of the post-draft afterglow.

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