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Broncos running back Selvin Young honestly believes that he can run for 2,000 yards this season. He honestly believes he's capable of the feat, even tough it's only happened five times in NFL history (O.J. Simpson in '73, Eric Dickerson in '84, Barry Sanders in '97, Terrell Davis in '98, and Jamal Lewis in '03).

What am I supposed to say about that? It's like having your nine-year-old son come to you and say, "Daddy, I want to be an astronaut and a brain surgeon and then President of the United States!"

And you have to smile and say, "That's great, son! You can be anything you want to be, if you work hard and put your mind to it." Because it is good to have lofty goals, and you want your son to believe that anything is possible.

But silently, you're thinking, "Son, I just got a letter from your teacher telling me that you ate two boxes of crayons for lunch on Tuesday and that you wrote 'pants' as the answer to 11+14. Let's just see if we can get you a G.E.D., alright? Let's aim for something closer to the 'welder' category, or at least 'non-crayon eater'."

I don't want to point and laugh at Selvin Young, and I'm not going to. But at the same time, I'm pretty confident that he won't be running for 2,000 yards this year. He is not currently Denver's starter. He's had more than 20 carries in a game exactly one time. The Broncos just signed Michael Pittman because of a lingering injury to Travis Henry.

As an undrafted free agent who made an extremely bold proclamation, it would be a great story if it actually happened. Hell, I hope it does. And even if it doesn't, I hope Selvin Young keeps believing in himself, and keeps believing that he can join the likes of OJ, Dickerson, and Barry. There's no reason to not aim for the stars, even if it's extremely unlikely that you'll ever grab one.

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