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Not everybody in Minnesota is so happy about Brett Favre's(notes) return that they could spray paint a goat, shave a "4" into it, and shove it in a trunk. Some people still want to shave a "7" into their goat, thank you very much.

According to Adam Schefter, there are a number of Tarvaris Jackson loyalists in Minnesota, and many of them happen to play for the Vikings. Schefter filed this tweet on Monday night, and also mentioned it during halftime of the preseason game on ESPN:

Make no mistake, TJack still has supporters in Vikes locker room. Some players believe he gives Vikes best chance to win. Always something.

The latest reports even go so far as to say there's "schism" in the Vikings locker room, and that Favre has "little support." Those have got to be pretty frightening words if you're a Vikings fan.

But it was bound to happen. Aside from teammates who are loyal to Jackson out of friendship, I'm sure there are other guys who have seen Jackson in camp and at practice, putting in the work and the sweat just like everyone else.

I think it's only natural to have some feelings of resentment toward the new guy, who conveniently waited until after training camp to show up, was literally chauffeured in by the head coach, had the starting job and his No. 4 just handed to him and immediately captured 100 percent of the media attention focused on the team.

This is a case where -- to borrow a phrase from John Madden -- winning will be a great deodorant. If Brett Favre comes in, plays well and helps the Vikings win games, all will be forgotten. Or at the very least, pushed to the back burner.

If the Vikings happen to lose three or four of their first five, though, there will be no deodorant that can handle that stench. The T-Jack loyalists will become more visible and more vocal, and then you're looking at a split locker room, which is maybe the most efficient way to submarine an entire season.

The stakes will be high early for Favre and the Vikings.

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